Conflict Solutions International
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Our Mission

Conflict Solutions International is an independent institution that seeks to prevent and resolve international conflicts.


  CSI is guided by these Five Principles

  • CSI is dedicated to building bridges and increasing trust between parties interested in promoting peace.
  • CSI does not duplicate the effective efforts of others, but rather is motivated by issues and views that are neglected or marginalized in mainstream dialogue.
  • CSI does not represent any given interest, but seeks the advancement of truth and understanding of different and controversial opinions.
  • CSI believes conflict resolution and sustainable peace are guided by unbiased research and education.
  • CSI adopts a grassroots approach to conflict resolution to maintain its independence


CSI’s Current Strategic Goals

  • To help prevent and ameliorate international conflict, cultivating sustainable peace
  • To be a credible resource for academics, practitioners, policy makers and the general public on international conflict issues
  • To develop and maintain a core, sustainable institutional structure
  • To build a strong network of experts, professional contacts and partner organizations



Conflict Solutions International’s goal is to be a sustainable, reputable organization, established as a credible source and practitioner in the field of conflict resolution. 

Our vision of the world is one in which equal rights, mutual understanding, and respect of each other may prevent and resolve conflict.


CSI History

Conflict Solutions International is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization, incorporated in February 2003. CSI’s headquarters are in Washington D.C. and small branches exist in throughout the globe. CSI was created in the belief that a small, flexible and independent organization could manage certain aspects of conflict resolution and crisis intervention better than larger entities. Since establishment, CSI has hosted interviews, sponsored regular discussions and programs, as well as engaged in innovative initiatives focused on conflict resolution.


CSI Organization and Operation

Conflict Solutions International (CSI) is a young 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Washington D.C. CSI is currently a volunteer-driven organization, largely dependent on in-kind donations and pro bono services. This operating principle is essential to CSI’s values of independence and dedication to itsmission and guiding principles.  CSI’s unique team combines academic experience and field experience. A small Board of Directors governs the affairs of the corporation and appoints the President. An honorary Board of Advisors, consisting of lawyers, journalists, professors, and civil servants also guides the institution. An Executive Committee manages the operations of the institution.  Under the direction of the Executive Committee, other general volunteers work on specific projects and initiatives. 

Strategic Planning Process:

During the summer of 2010, the Executive Committee of Conflict Solutions International determined that a strategic plan would be required to build CSI’s capacity. Four of the Executive Committee members took on the task of drafting the first CSI Strategic Plan. They consulted the Board of Directors, the Board of Advisors and current volunteers before drafting the plan, which secures strategic goals and measurable outcomes. The Board of Directors voted affirmatively on the Strategic Plan in October 2010.


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