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A list of international relations events in the DC area.

Events for the Week of August 15, 2010

The Global Health Initiative: A Foreign Policy Priority and an Opportunity for American Leadership

Aug 16: 11:30am
Live Webcast

Secretary Clinton will speak about “The Global Health Initiative: The Next Phase of American Leadership in Health Around the World.” The Global Health Initiative is a centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy and an expression of U.S. values and leadership in the world. Secretary Clinton will describe the Global Health Initiative’s core principles, and call on governments, organizations and individuals to join the United States in pursuing a sustainable approach for delivering essential health services to more people in more places.

The Next Phase in America's Relationship with Iraq

August 17: 1pm
The Willard InterContinental Hotel Crystal Room - Washington, DC

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) will host a moderated discussion on the future of Iraq with two leading Administration officials: Michael Corbin, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq, and Colin Kahl, Deputy Secretary of Defense for the Middle East.

Crisis in Kyrgyzstan: Perspectives of Kyrgyz and Uzbek Youth

Aug 17: 10am-11:30am
USIP, 1200 17th Street, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20036

In the wake of the recent violence in Kyrgyzstan, analysts are still compiling credible details and facts about what caused the June conflict in the southern part of the country. Meanwhile, Kyrgyz youth have been some of the most active citizen reporters of minute-to-minute details of the conflict through the use of social media, including cell phones and the Internet. Youth groups within Kyrgyzstan and members of the Kyrgyz diaspora in the United States have already sprung into action in an attempt to understand, quell, and reconcile lingering tensions in the country.

Achieving Universal Education: A Live Web Chat with David Gartner

Aug 18: 12:30pm-1:30pm

While universal education is an important goal, increasing levels of educational attainment also helps developing countries make progress toward improving health, environmental protection, and gender disparity. David Gartner, co-director of the Center for Universal Education, argues that success in the areas of most of the UN's Millennium Development Goals is impossible without first achieving universal primary education.

"Mendez V. Westminster: School Desegregation and Mexican-American Rights"

Aug 18: 6:30pm
Bus Boys and Poets, 14th and V street, NW DC

Author Philippa Strum discusses and signs her new book, "Mendez V. Westminster: School Desegregation and Mexican-American Rights". While Brown v. Board of Education remains much more famous, Mendez v. Westminster School District (1947) was actually the first case in which segregation in education was successfully challenged in federal court. Finally giving Mendez its due, Philippa Strum provides a concise and compelling account of its legal issues and legacy, while retaining its essential human face: that of Mexican Americans unwilling to accept second-class citizenship.

Ambassador Christopher Hill on the Next Chapter in Iraq

Aug 17: 10am-11:30am
USIP, 1200 17th Street, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20036

Ambassador Christopher Hill has just completed his tour serving as America's top diplomat in Iraq and is uniquely qualified to reflect on Iraq's transition, politics, current situation and future prospects. Please join us for a wide-ranging discussion at this juncture.

Whittaker Chambers: The Spirit of a Counterrevolutionary

Aug 18: 12-1pm
Lehrman Auditorium, The Heritage Foundation
Live Webcast

Whittaker Chambers is rightly remembered for his pivotal role in the electrifying Alger Hiss spy case. But as Richard Reinsch reminds us in the latest volume in ISI Books’ acclaimed Library of Modern Thinkers, Chambers was more than just a government informant; he was a profoundly important thinker who grappled with the nature of modern man’s predicaments. Whittaker Chambers: The Spirit of a Counterrevolutionary shows that Chambers’ thought posed – and still poses – a challenge to American conservatism and its typical focus on markets and small government.

On the Duration of Political Power in Africa: The Role of Oil Rent

Aug 18: 12:30-1:30pm
Center for Global Development, 1800 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Third Floor, DC

It is often underlined that African oil producing countries are politically unstable as a result of the role that this natural resource can play in political incentives. Based on data documenting the duration in office of 101 heads of State of 26 African countries (North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa), our findings reveal a surprising twist on the conventional wisdom: the purported instability of oil producing African countries does not appear to extend to the executive branch of the State.

An Introduction to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)

Aug 19: 9am-12:30pm
Pact, 1828 L St., NW, Suite 300, Washington D.C.

This participatory seminar will provide a comprehensive overview of the basic concepts of REDD. Participants will then dive deeper into areas of specific interest related to the social and biodiversity aspects of REDD+ through interactive working groups.

Supporting the Civilian Surge in Afghanistan

Aug 19: 2pm-5:30
The University Club 1135 16th Street NW Washington, DC 20036-4885

IPOA and the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) will stage a half-day seminar focusing on Supporting the Civilian Surge in Afghanistan. The event will bring together the civilian development community, government representatives and private sector to discuss their respective roles in the mission.

"Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam"

Aug 19: 6:00pm
Bus Boys and Poets, 14th and V street, NW DC

In conversation with Andy Shallal, renowned scholar Akbar Ahmed will discuss and sign his new title, "Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam". The most comprehensive study ever done on the American Muslim community, "Journey into America" explores and documents how Muslims are fitting into U.S. society, seeking to place the Muslim experience in the U.S. within the larger context of American identity.

Week of August 22

"Pakistan: Inside the Tinderbox" (Special FOCUS-IN! Film)

Aug 22: 8:00pm
Bus Boys and Poets, 14th and V street, NW DC

Special FOCUS-IN! screening of "Pakistan: Inside the Tinderbox". Nuclear-armed Pakistan is a tinderbox; Al Qaeda's sanctuary in the midst of an economically challenged, ethnically diverse, and politically volatile Muslim country. This documentary highlights hope in the middle of despair. The story of smiles and tears of ordinary folks ---students, teachers, slum dwellers and musicians--- struggling with terrorism.

JICC Film Series: Kabei-Our Mother

Aug 25: 6:30pm
Lafayette Centre III (lower level) 1155 21st Street NW, Washington D.C. 20036

When Professor Shigeru Nogami is accused of being a communist and imprisoned for speaking out against the government in 1940s Tokyo, his devoted wife Kayo, affectionately called "Kabei" by her family, is left to care for her children alone. Thankfully the neighbors are more concerned with the well‐being of the Nogami family than with their patriarch’s political views.


Making the Most of the MDG Summit: Advancing the Interests of Women and Girls

Sept 7: 10am- 11:30
CSIS, B1 Conference Center, 1800 K street NW, DC

Melanne Verveer, Ambassador-at-large for Global Women’s Issues at the Department of State will “Making the Most of the MDG Summit: Advancing the Interests of Women and Girls”

2010 PONI Fall Conference

Sept 21-22: 9am- 4pm
Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, United Kingdom

The Fall Conference will feature panel presentations addressing topics such as Nuclear Strategy, Policy, and Posture; Nuclear Nonproliferation; Scientific and Operational Supports for Nuclear Policy; and Nuclear Disarmament and Material Security.

Ladder to the Top

Sept 23: 6pm

A full evening of programming, starting with an inspiring reception at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and ending with intimate dinners across our nation's capital. Together we will draw attention to the crisis of women's under-representation in leadership.

Other Events

The Great Game: Afghanistan

Sept 15-26
Sidney Harman Hall

The Shakespeare Theatre Company presents the The Great Game: Afghanistan, a unique theatrical event exploring, in three separate thrilling and provocative plays, the culture and history of Afghanistan since Western involvement in 1842 to the present day. All three parts can be experienced together as one event or as separate productions and do not need to be seen in chronological order.

The Way We See It: Young Photographers Examine, Define, and Change Their World

June 18 to September 3, 2010, 2pm – 7pm
Corner of Connecticut Ave & T St, 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20009

The Way We See It: Young Photographers Examine, Define, and Change Their World is an exhibit about a participatory educational process that fosters individual and community awareness, empowerment, and social change. The participatory photography exhibited highlights the intellectual, aesthetic, and political potential of youth-adult partnerships, in which youth take the lead in framing the inquiry and determining how to represent their concerns most effectively to diverse audiences.